Making Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Chinese tea – water quality
The nature of tea is constrained by the nature of the water. It was said in old China that water is the mother of tea.
There are three classifications of water: best is water from a hill,Making Chinese Tea Articles normal is water from the stream, base is water from a well. The best water from a slope is on a ridge; the best water from a stream is in a waterway; the best water from a well is from a well which is habitually utilized.
Getting water from a hill is difficult. So water from a tap is the most well-known. There are two methods for utilizing faucet water while making tea. 1. Leave the regular water in a can for 24 hours to let out the chlorine inside. 2. Heat up the Tea Shop water then, at that point, open the cover for 5 minutes to let out the chlorine inside.
Refined water is a sort of fake delicate water. It is the most cleanliness yet it wouldn’t be the best water for making tea.

Best water temperature for making tea:
1. Low temperature (70 – 80c)
Great for making youthful shoot green tea like Long Jing (Mythical beast Well) or yellow tea (Silver Needle).
2. Medium temperature (80 – 90c)
Really great for making white tea (Silver Needle White Fur), red tea or Oolong.
3. High temperature (90 – 100c)
Really great for making tea like Tie Guan Yin (Iron Guan Yin), Pu’er, Shui Xian (Water Pixie).
Low temperature water will in general be more reasonable for youthful tea leaves while high temperature water will in general be more appropriate for ready tea leaves.

Chinese tea – tea leaves
Chinese tea used to be classified by its place of beginning or spot where it went to. Just till as of late that Chinese tea is sorted in light of its method of production.

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